Your Personal Career

Mentoring for your personal career and development of your leadership skills

Personal mentoring means working together to help you develop your professional personality within an agreed upon timeframe. My international background in industry helps me to help you identify your strengths and your future potential.

An example from my work: More Women in Industry

Go Nasta offers to advance your career:

  • Strengthen leadership abilities
  • Develop executive skills
  • Go from manager to leader
  • Position yourself in your organization
  • Women in technical professions
  • Women from diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • Reintegrate the job market

Melanie Thamm, Industrial Engineer,
auditor at Bayer AG, Leverkusen
I met Goldita Nasta in 2013 at the KIM Mentoring Program initiated by the German State of NRW. She was my personal mentor for one year. We met by chance… I consider myself very lucky! Every four to six weeks, we would work together on a variety of themes. We focused on current issues as well as on my short and middle term development. During our year together, I achieved a desired change in project assignments and began taking steps for a job change. I also reached this goal shortly after finishing our mentoring tandem. One of my most heartfelt aims was to reduce my nervousness when making presentations. Initially, I had no confidence this was achievable. I was happy to be proved wrong! Thanks to Goldita’s creative approach, we were able to make tremendous progress on that front too. I’m sure that Goldita’s diverse areas of expertise, her empathy and her optimistic, hands-on approach would be of great benefit to anyone. Beyond the “KIM” program, Goldita and I stay in touch and meet on an annual basis.