Dr. Stefan Fourier, Managing director and co-owner
of the Humanagement GmbH, Hannover

I find Ms. Nasta to be a practical problem solver. She reaches people through her openness but it’s through her deep professional knowledge and experience that she quickly wins their confidence. Our collaboration was enriching, dependable and successful.

Petra Kersting,
Head of the Center for Women working in Technology – Zentrum Frau in Beruf und Technik (ZFBT) in Castrop-Rauxel,
about the mentor, Goldita Nasta:

Experience is important but it isn’t everything. To reflect on it is an art. Being a successful woman in the engineering field is already quite a cultural challenge. To make that work in a foreign country and language widens one’s understanding of situations, people and structures significantly. A series of young women executives have already benefited from this over the course of two mentoring programs: KIM – the empowerment program of the State of NRW and XMRR – the personnel development program of the entrepreneurs’ union.

Barbara Steffens, Minister for
Health, Emancipation and Eldercare of the State of NRW, Germany

I thank Ms. Nasta for her dedicated participation
in the mentoring program: “Competence in Management”.

Melanie Thamm, Industrial Engineer,
auditor at Bayer AG, Leverkusen
I met Goldita Nasta in 2013 at the KIM Mentoring Program initiated by the German State of NRW. She was my personal mentor for one year. We met by chance… I consider myself very lucky! Every four to six weeks, we would work together on a variety of themes. We focused on current issues as well as on my short and middle term development. During our year together, I achieved a desired change in project assignments and began taking steps for a job change. I also reached this goal shortly after finishing our mentoring tandem. One of my most heartfelt aims was to reduce my nervousness when making presentations. Initially, I had no confidence this was achievable. I was happy to be proved wrong! Thanks to Goldita’s creative approach, we were able to make tremendous progress on that front too. I’m sure that Goldita’s diverse areas of expertise, her empathy and her optimistic, hands-on approach would be of great benefit to anyone. Beyond the “KIM” program, Goldita and I stay in touch and meet on an annual basis.

Sylke Remmel-Heintzsch, Manager, PPM Continent
at Ford Motor Company, Cologne
Goldita is an outstanding mentor, and has an unmatched competency in identifying talented people, positioning them where they were able to further their development through challenging opportunities she ensures they meet. The teams she has led were always brimming with energy, good spirited and enthusiastic; her team members thrived on the tasks they were given, and more than a few of them grew into competent leaders. None of that would have been possible without Goldita’s enthusiasm, support, leadership, mentoring and spirit. Since 2007, Goldita brings her vast experience in mentoring and coaching people into the Community Involvement Project I am managing free of charge. In that project, the team members are putting our skills together to train underprivileged pupils (around 16 years of age) just prior to graduating from schools in socially disadvantaged areas of the city, in writing job applications and performing in interviews. Being the supportive person she is Goldita brings her vast experience to this project imperturbably, though at times it is very challenging. She is an extremely important part of our team. Working with Goldita was always a pleasure, team and goal oriented as she is.