Preventive Mediation

Preventive mediation offers the opportunity to avoid personnel conflicts and to address organizational risks. I use preventive mediation methods when clients are planning important internal changes. This is particularly applicable in the service sector. An example: An employee is seconded to a client on their premises. This triangular relationship can lead to conflicts. The employee may feel like a second class ‘citizen’ or they may find it difficult to identify with their own firm. Loss of entrepreneurial thinking and burnout can be the result. These undesirable side effects can be avoided through preventive mediation.

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Over the course of my lengthy career in industrial product development and construction, this method has emerged as a useful tool, which I find applicable in preventive mediation. FMEA – Failure Mode Effects Analysis – supports the analytical identification, discovery and prevention of possible product defects. It can be applied both in the product development phase as well as during the production phase, says Bend von Regius, body quality manager at Ford, Cologne.) Importantly, the preventive analysis of possible problems and their elimination through counseling has a return on investment!

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