Employees from other cultures

Mediation by Mechanical Engineer, Goldita Nasta

As a certified mediator, I help disputing parties find a path to renew dialogue. My experience in business and industry has taught me that conflict can develop on many levels. Conflicts can stem from tensions or blockages at the top levels of management or within teams. They may involve diversity issues. Thanks to my international […]

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Mentoring by Mechanical Engineer, Goldita Nasta

My mentoring program unfolds in interplay between my experience and the mentee’s starting point. My motto: If you want to achieve things with people, you must first inspire them. Then, you can help them achieve their potential to shine. Find out about my mentoring specialties: Mentoring for personnel development in business and industry. Read more… […]

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Welcome to Go Nasta in Cologne, Germany!

Mediator and certified mentor since 2012, I have been applying my international experience as an engineer to help businesses, organizations and young talent. My focus is on managerial development, professional personality enhancement, and adaptation to varied working cultures. Goal-oriented methods, a solid international background in business and industry, and a strong communications track record in […]

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