Mediation by Mechanical Engineer, Goldita Nasta

Goldita Nasta

As a certified mediator, I help disputing parties find a path to renew dialogue. My experience in business and industry has taught me that conflict can develop on many levels. Conflicts can stem from tensions or blockages at the top levels of management or within teams. They may involve diversity issues. Thanks to my international background and personal immigration experience, I ensure continual progress amongst the parties in their ability to engage in productive dialogue. We seek consensus, not compromise. This process makes it possible to reestablish and even raise team productivity. To insure that conflicts don’t even arise, I propose preventive mediation. When organizations plan structural or policy changes, I analyze the risks, and offer and execute strategies to counter potential, undesired consequences. I work according to the methods developed by Friedrich Glasl, which identify nine degrees of conflict escalation.

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Mediationsbereiche von Goldita Nasta

  • Mediation auf Geschäftsführer-Ebene
  • Mediation für Teams
  • Mediation zur kulturellen Integration
  • Preventive Mediation, Read more…

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